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2018 will be an unusual year in Newcastle as all seventy-eight members of the City Council will be up for election. This is a result of a recent local boundary review which has altered the boundaries of many local council wards in Newcastle.

An all-out election presents us with a unique opportunity to make progress in the City and that is why we are making an early start in putting together our team to fight next year's elections.

In this year's General Election, we achieved our best election result in Newcastle for decades as over 34,000 people voted Conservative. Across the three Newcastle constituencies our vote increased by 10,000 votes and we performed very strongly in key battleground areas. In contrast, our Liberal Democrat opponents gained less than 7,000 votes and lost their deposit in Newcastle Central. We therefore believe that there is a real chance we can breakthrough and gain new seats on Newcastle City Council.

To do this, we need the support of our members and supporters from across the City. Finding and selecting people willing to stand as active candidates in our target wards is our top priority. Whether you are a seasoned political campaigner and have stood for council before or you have no political experience whatsoever, standing for election is a fun and rewarding experience. Being a council candidate is a great way to serve your local community, help local people and pursue your interest in politics.

For those who are not interested in fighting a target seat we still need the support of many of our members to stand as 'paper' candidates in areas where we will be less active and our support has traditionally been less strong. This is because we believe it is important that we stand in every seat in Newcastle and give every resident of the City an opportunity to vote Conservative. Standing as a 'paper' candidate involves no work or effort on your part but it is nevertheless an essential role you can play in helping support our work. Fielding a team of seventy-eight candidates is a big challenge for a small local party such as ours and we would greatly appreciate the support of as many of our supporters as possible.

If you are interested in standing either as a target ward candidate or an active candidate, please click 'Apply Now' below to fill out our application form. We will respond to all requests we receive and will be in touch to discuss the opportunities available. To help you choose the areas in which you may be interested in standing, you can also view a map of the new boundaries by clicking here.

If you would like to discuss standing for council with one of our team, please don't hesitate to get in contact by clicking here.