Blue House Proposals – Think Again Newcastle Council

Newcastle Conservatives have condemned proposals by Newcastle City Council to create a giant roundabout closer to Gosforth, swallowing up large areas of Dukes and Little Moors as preposterous.

The council have got this wrong. The city needs to upgrade the transport infrastructure to provide an efficient and effective network for goods and services as well as for people who chose to drive. However, this must go hand in hand with an infrastructure that is accessible and safe for people who cycle, walk and use public transport.

The truth is that residents travel by many, if not all of these means at some time or another, in an environment that is characterised by the green open spaces of the Town, Dukes, Little, Nuns and Hunters Moors.

Local campaigner Steve Kyte said, 'This plan is out of order, I’ve played football with my son and regularly run on Little Moor, and they want to dump a giant roundabout here with artificial grass verges? No thank you!’.

Newcastle Conservatives are calling on the Labour council to scrap the deeply unpopular proposal and 'Keep Blue House Green' by developing a sustainable proposal for the roundabout, as well as for Jesmond Dene Road, where North Jesmond threatens to be cut off by a no right turn.  

Local campaign group 'Gosforth Matters' have also launched a Profile Picture Banner for residents to add to Facebook or Twitter to let the council know the strength of feeling against the plans. This can be added by clicking here.

You can also give feedback to the council via the below link to have our say by clicking here.


Below are the remaining events that showcase the proposal, when you can visit and leave comments:

Saturday 6 August, 10am to 2pm - Trinity Church, Gosforth High Street 

Wednesday 10 August 11am - 4pm- Trinity Church, Gosforth High Street 

Thursday 11 August – 11am to 4pm - St Nicholas’ Church Annex, South Gosforth 

Saturday 13 August - 10am to 2pm - Trinity Community Centre, Freeman Road, South Gosforth      

Alternatively, you can contact the council on 0191 278 7878.