Don't risk a coalition of chaos!

Today, Nicola Sturgeon admitted she's planning a ‘progressive’ coalition of chaos – that would disrupt our Brexit negotiations, and create more uncertainty and risk. Only a vote for the Conservatives can stop it.

General Election on June 8th

The Prime Minister has just announced that a General Election will be held on 8 June - and that we will shortly take the necessary steps in Parliament to ensure that this can happen.

Gosforth - Jubilee Road Resurfacing

As many of you will know local Conservatives have been campaigning for improvements in the condition of road surfaces around Gosforth. The good news is that resurfacing work is under way on Jubilee Road, where our local campaigner Steve Kyte was pictured last year. The work is scheduled to be complete by the 6th April.

Local Conservatives welcome recognition for Arctic convoy and Bomber command

Following a meeting earlier today between the Prime Minister and armed forces veterans, Conservatives from Newcastle have welcomed the recognition of veterans who served the United Kingdom as part of the Arctic Convoy and Bomber Command.  Folowing their service during the Second World War, it is only right that these men finally receive due credit for the role that they played. 

A simpler Pension for all

The Conservatives-led Government believe that people deserve dignity and respect in old age, and that they should be provided with the support they need.

Fairness in the Welfare System

We need a welfare system that is fair to the working people who pay for it. Most benefit levels have risen twice as fast as average earnings since the financial crisis – this is not fair.