Chris Murray would 'cap council salaries at £100,000'.

Chris Murray, the Conservative candidate for South Heaton has unveiled a bold and radical plan for the council to make savings after Labour unveiled their savage cuts budget last night.

The plan includes

• A cap on all council salaries of £100,000.

• An indefinite freeze on all councillor allowances.

• Cutting the number of councillors to 55, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year

The most recent TaxPayers Alliance report found that the council had 19 employees earning over £100,000, with many earning over £150,000 and one earning over £200,000. In January it was revealed that council Chief Executive Pat Ritchie was to receive an £8,500 pay rise, just months after she received an additional £24,000, putting her annual pay packet at an astonishing £160,000.

Chris said ‘These salaries would be unbelievable at any time in the public sector, but at a time when the council is carelessly slashing services, it is beyond belief. The average salary in Newcastle is £20,000, for one employee to be earning more than ten times this amount is simply unacceptable. These increases show just how out of touch the Labour led council is with the people of Newcastle'.

In addition, the council are splurging £45 million on a luxury refurbishment of their Civic Centre headquarters, money which could be redirected to save our vital services.

The plan Chris has put forward will save more than £1 million per year, such as our school crossing patrols which Labour have so carelessly cut, despite strong opposition from parties and campaigners from across Newcastle.