Helping families with the Cost of Living

Freezing Your Council tax: For a second year running the Conservative led Government have frozen your council tax meaning council tax bills will be up to £100 lower next year than it would have been under the last  Labour Government.  

Cutting fuel duty: From April 2012 petrol duty will be a full 10 pence lower than it would have been. Families are saving £144 on filling up their cars due to Conservative intervention. 

Cutting income tax for 25 million people: This April there will be a further increase in your personal tax allowances of £630, taking a further 260,000 people out of income tax and reducing the tax paid by 25 million taxpayers, saving people a further £50 per month. In total, the Conservative led Government has taken over 1  million low paid people out of tax altogether. 

Extending free childcare: By the end of the Parliament, the Conservative led Government will be providing £760 million a year to ensure 260,000 2-year-olds, around 40 per cent of all children, will receive 15 hours a week free education and care. 

Increasing the Child Tax Credit: In April 2011 the Child Tax Credit increased by £225 – the largest increase ever. This April it will go up by a further 5%, meaning a further £135 to benefit all families. 

Taking action on Energy Prices: After intervention by David Cameron at the end of 2011 to address concerns about rising energy prices, energy companies have now passed on the international fall in energy prices to protect hard pressed taxpayers.