Local Conservatives welcome Post Office news

This follows the previous announcement by the Secretary of State for Transport that the DVLA is awarding a new contract to Post Office Limited to provide DVLA’s services from their post office network.

A new seven year contract will run from 1 April 2013 until 31 March 2020, with the option of an extension for up to a further three years.

In addition to DVLA services, the contract also gives scope for the Post Office to provide services to the public for other Government departments.

Alan Birkmyre said : “I welcome the news of this new contract and am confident the Post Office will deliver an excellent service to motorists throughout the United Kingdom.

This contract provides value for money for the taxpayer, resulting in savings of between £13 million and £15 million a year and demonstrates how serious the Conservative-led Government is about making savings within the Government.”

Woolsington Conservative Parish Councillor, William Holloway, added: “This announcement also means that those people living in areas with poor transport links can continue to benefit from having access to these essential services, as well as helping to ensure the profitability of post offices.”