Newcastle Conservatives condemn back room bus deals

Newcastle Conservatives condemn the findings of the Competition Commission initial investigation into competition between rival firms operating in Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. 

Although the final report is due out in January, evidence released by the Competition Commission reveal that two firms colluded to substantially reduce competition on bus routes.  

Woolsington Conservative Parish Councillor William Holloway said that “in the outer west of Newcastle, many residents risk isolation.  If you don’t drive, then you’re left with little alternative.  The Competition Commission final report due out in January will shed some transparency onto the dealing of these two firms, but the Competition Commission initial findings that their agreement prevented passengers getting more bus routes, more services and lower bus fares means that bus companies have failed residents.

If the Competition Commission’s initial findings are accurate, it means that senior transport managers have not been doing their jobs properly that has resulted in a severely reduced quality for service users.  If they’d be doing their jobs properly then perhaps residents of Newcastle would have more choice between operators.”

Newcastle Conservatives condemn collusion between bus companies.  Their collusion has failed people that use the service.  In other parts of the country, local authorities have used their power to introduce bus services to foster competition between operators.  This would extend choice, and the availability of bus services, which would give residents the choice over different bus operators and the service they deserve.