Newcastle Conservatives condemn Council's housing plans

Newcastle Conservatives have today spoken out against Newcastle City Council’s plans to concrete over a large swathe of green belt on the edge of the City.

The Council’s ‘Core Strategy Development Plan’ aims to build 36,000 new homes across Newcastle and Gateshead but will have serious effects on local communities in the process.

The document, drawn up by the new Labour Cabinet and supported by Liberal Democrats, sets out plans for 6,500 new homes in the Callerton Park area, destroying a large chunk of Newcastle’s protected green-belt, whilst failing to mention the impacts on existing communities in Callerton Village and the surrounding area.

The Council’s six week consultation period leaves little opportunity for residents to influence the plans. Whilst the Conservatives in government are giving more power to local people to make decisions for themselves, the Lib-Lab establishment in Newcastle is trying to by-pass residents.  

Newcastle Conservatives recognise the need to sort out Labour’s shocking legacy of thirteen years inaction on house building but wreaking havoc on our environment is not the way forward.

Will Holloway, local Conservative Councillor on Woolsington Parish Council, whose community will be severely affected by the plans said: “Labour and the Liberal Democrats have failed to stand up for local people in drawing up these plans. They strike at the heart of the idea of local people deciding how their communities should be shaped. The residents of Callerton Village have been ignored.

“The Council’s six week consultation period shows that Labour doesn’t want to listen to residents and Labour’s claims to be listening to the people of Newcastle are no more than a political gimmick.

“Local Liberal Democrats are taking voters in Woolsington for granted and failing to champion their needs. The Conservatives are now the only major party in Newcastle defending the interests of local residents and opposing plans to destroy our green belt.”