PM delivers on his promise to get people the lowest energy tariffs

Following the Prime Minister’s promise to take action to get people the lowest tariffs for their energy bills, this week the Government announced plans to force energy suppliers to offer their customers the best deals.

Under these proposals:

·  Households will no longer face hundreds of tariffs, with energy companies limited to four tariffs per fuel.

·  Energy companies will have to make bills simpler for customers to understand, and outline personalised information on the cheapest tariff that they can offer.

·  Households will be moved onto the cheapest tariff under their supplier that suits them.

With over £300 difference between the cheapest and the most expensive tariffs on the market, the Prime Minister’s action is likely to make a significant difference to local people here in Newcastle worried about their energy bills.

Commenting Neville Armstrong said: ‘The Prime Minister promised to take action to get people the lowest tariffs and he has delivered.

‘Households across Newcastle will welcome this move to get their energy bills down. This action shows that the Government is serious about helping people with the cost of living. Along with tax cuts, council tax freezes and all time low interest rates protecting mortgage payment, this action on energy prices will really help with family budgets.

“This shows we are on the side of hard-pressed families and pensioners paying their electricity and gas bills. This is despite Ed Miliband claiming that it could not be done. And this is something Ed Miliband never did when he was Energy Secretary,” added Mr Armstrong.