Simon Kitchen Selected as Parliamentary Candidate for Newcastle Central Seat

We are pleased to announce Simon Kitchen as our candidate for Parliament in Newcastle Central. Simon 32, from Heaton (former Heaton Manor school pupil), says "I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to represent people in the Newcastle Central constituency". Simon works for the dementia charity the Alzheimer's Society. He is involved in developing the national Dementia Action Alliance which brings together 2,000 organisations committed to improving the lives of people with dementia. Simon has also worked in Newcastle’s West End as a consultant on the Newcastle New Deal for Communities. Drawing on this experience he highlights that, "unemployment in Newcastle Central constituency has fallen by 21%, apprenticeships are up by 48%, and residents have saved £830 in tax cuts. Newcastle Central needs fresh representation to maintain this momentum. With a background in economic development and experience of promoting cost-effective public services, I believe I'm the best person to provide it". Simon is an active campaigner in the constituency. 

Contact and keep up with Simon via his web site: