Six good ways to make Wingrove a better place to live.

· There have been many instances of antisocial behaviour, damaging property and making Wingrove a worse place to live.  Conservatives always believe in holding criminals to account; however there is very little for youths to do in the ward except make mischief - Mehrban will campaign for local facilities where youngsters can socialise off the streets.

· Litter and burnt out wheelie bins must be cleaned up quickly and regularly - that’s what Council Tax is for!

· The West Road is Wingrove’s greatest asset for shoppers - it must be kept clean and tidy, so that people feel confident using it regularly for their shopping needs.

· There have been a number of burglaries recently - Mehrban has strong connections with local emergency services and can co-ordinate a joined-up response to criminal activity.

· Wingrove is used as a car park by many who commute to the city.  This causes problems for local residents who struggle to park near their homes.  Mehrban pledges to sort out the parking problems on local residential streets.

· The West Road is an important arterial route into the heart of the city, and should be kept that way - a pleasant place to travel for buses, cars and pedestrians alike, with no loss of capacity for any users.