Vote Phil Butler for Police Commissioner

On Thursday 15th November residents of Newcastle will have the chance to elect their first ever Police Commissioner. Police Commissioners will give local people a voice in how policing in their area is run. They will bring about democratic accountability to local police forces and scrutinise, support and challenge the Police.

The Conservative candidate for Police Commissioner is Phil Butler, a former Inspector who has thirty years of policing experience behind him. Phil has lived and worked in Northumbria for 52 years and during his policing career he helped to bring some of Northumbria's most prolific criminals to justice.

Phil's priorities are:

  • ·         Reduce crime.
  • ·         Make communities safer.
  • ·         Put victims first.
  • ·         Be tough on persistent offenders.
  • ·        Target the most dangerous organised crime groups.
  • ·       Root out corruption.
  • ·         Restore civic pride
  • ·          Look at innovative ways to create greater efficiency savings to reinforce frontline policing
  • ·         Protect rural police resources and aim for a ‘high viz’ fast response.


Phil said: "My campaign is simple. I intend to listen to the community and make Northumbria the safest place in Britain by reducing crime and giving the police the tools they need to do the job! 

"We are fortunate that we have one of the best police forces in the country and that’s down to the hard work of each and every officer and member of staff doing his or her best every day, often putting their lives at risk. I will support those on the front line whilst looking at new and innovative ways to protect and recruit more resources. I want to ensure that every pound we the public commit to the police is well spent and value for money."

You can find out more about Phil's campaign by visiting  

Voting for Police Commissioner takes place on Thursday 15th November from 7.00am to 10.00pm at your local polling station. If you have received a postal vote but have not yet voted you can hand your postal vote in to your polling station on election day.