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We realise Nick Brown’s 20,000 majority is a huge hurdle to overcome but are enthused by the number of Leave voters who are pledging Robin Gwynn their vote on 12/12. 

Boris Johnson won the first Leaders' Debate

Tonight Boris Johnson set out the choice facing voters at this election – a majority Government that can get Brexit done so the country can move on, or yet another gridlocked hung Parliament that will spend all of 2020 arguing about Brexit.

Life will mean life for child murderers

Adults who murder children will be imprisoned for life, without parole, under tough new justice plans to be introduced by a Conservative majority Government.

Our Candidate for Newcastle North

Our candidate for the Newcastle North constituency, Mark Lehain, has just sent this short message of of introduction.

"I’m 41, have four daughters, and worked in state education for nearly 20 years. I’ve been lucky enough to open a new school in that time too!